Rebel Rebel Bouquet Workshop goes pint-sized



Summer is here and end of term is near. What to do with those little rascals on a sticky Saturday? 

You’ve waited in line at the Lido, you’ve dodged your way through the Southbank crowds in the beating sun and you’ve traipsed around all the museums you can handle. And it’s only July. 

School bouquet

How about something creative, different and the perfect gift for their favourite Teacher as an end of term goodbye? 

Rebel Rebel has just the remedy – our Bouquet Workshop is going pint sized for a Children’s summer special. Your child will learn about the British flowers that are in season now and use them in their bouquets. They will be shown in a loose and fun way to arrange a bouquet and then have a go at their own interpretation of floristry design. All finished with some creative wrapping and ribbon work and a little help from the Rebels on hand to guide them through it. 

At the end, they will leave with their own bouquet ready to give to their favourite teacher or to keep for themselves! 

This workshop is suitable for 5-11yr olds and for that reason; all stems will be pre cut. There will be no sharp tools used – just string, flowers, wrapping and their young imaginations. 

There will be refreshments and treats on hand for them to enjoy so please state any allergies when booking for your child. 

The workshop will be held on 18th July, 10am at our workshop, E8 and will last for approximately one and half hours. 

To book click here or if you would like more information on the workshop or to book a private children’s workshop party email