14-18 May 2018


14-18 May 2018

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Flowers and 'Floraging'

A foraging walk through the beautiful surrounding woodland. Using our foraged ingredients, as well as Italian grown flowers and a few from our cutting garden, we will then make our signature Bouquet on Legs.

The Technical Side

Cracking the ins and outs of wiring. Everything from flowers to fruit, you will learn one of the most fundamental floristry skills. Channelling our favourite British florist, we will spend the afternoon learning the art of making a Constance Spry arrangement, with a touch of Italian flair.

Wednesday - Free day

Into the Woods

Day Three will be spent in the heart of the surrounding woodlands. We will spend the whole day making a flower installation in the woods. Each course will make something different, so the surprise awaits. 

The Final Fiesta

The morning will be spent making our festive headdresses for the evening. In true Rebel style, they will be wild and exciting, steering away from traditional flower crowns. We will spend the afternoon dressing the table for the feast. The table decorations will incorporate all the skills you have learnt over the last few days.
THE FEAST – In the evening we will sit down to a feast in the field to say our final farewells and thank yous!

* 3 course Lunch is provided on each day. 

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